2013 Rosenbauer Rescue-Engine

Capacities: Seating for 8, 1500 gpm Pump, 1000 gallon Water Tank, 30 gallon Foam Cell, 1200’ 4” Supply Hose, TFT 4-way Hydrant Valve,  8 Preconnected Attack Lines, Preconnected Blitzfire Monitor, Preconnected Crossfire Monitor.

Special Equipment: 4 Discharge Foam System, Simo Hydraulic Rescue System, Combination Cutter/Spreader, Ram, 2 Bumper Mounted Hydraulic Reels with Preconnected Cutter and Spreader, 2 ResQTec small Air Bags, 12KW Electric Generator, Electric Cord Reel, Tri-Pod Flood Light, 3 Power Saws (Ventilation, Utility, Cutoff), Electric Ramfan.

Vehicle 091