Fire Safety Tips

  • Always have a fire escape plan for your home so every member of the family knows the designated place to meet. After everyone is at the meeting place, go to a neighbor's house to call the fire deparmtent.
  • Once you escape safely from your house, never go back for anything.
  • Have smoke detectors installed where people sleep and on each level of your home as a minimum. It is recommended that a smoke detector be placed by the laundry and furnace rooms. If your smoke detectors are battery operated, you should change your batteries when there is a time change, or twice a year.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors should be used in addition to smoke detectors if your home uses gas appliances or you heat with other than electricity. Follow the same guidelines as for smoke detectors when placing the devices and changing batteries.
  • Always keep matches, lighters, fuels and other dangerous items away from children and stored in a safe place. Remember the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it!
  • Avoid leaving food to cook unattended!

Help Us Out

  • In order to aid the fire trucks and other emergency personnel when responding to your residence or business, ensure that your street number is properly visible from the street. City of Collegedale residents can refer to Municipal Ordinance 16-114

Fire Education

We provide free: fire education, awareness and prevention training sessions to our community. Typically these are offered to surrounding daycares, grade schools, home school groups and civic clubs.

Station Tours

We provide tours of our fire stations and trucks, for groups of any size.

Public Events

We can provide a fire truck at your event with advanced notice and if we deem the event appropriate for our attendance.

IMPORTANT: We are an Emergency Services agency and if we are needed during your event or tour, the emergency will be our priority. Thank you for understanding.