With a yearly budget of more than $1 Million, you would think that we are supported primarily by the local government. In fact that is not the case, less than 1% of our budget comes from Hamilton County. Most of our budget comes from homeowner's in our coverage area who choose to pay our annual subscription fee.

What does the annual subscription fee cover?

Fire protection of your residence, rental or outbuilding that you choose to have covered. You must pay for each building that you want covered.

What happens if I don't pay it?

You will see no change in our response. If you call us, we'll be there.

Why should I pay the subscription fee?

In the event of a fire at your residence, you will not be charged a service fee if you are a subscriber.

Since it's called a subscription, does that mean that it is recurring?

At this time, this service is not setup to auto-renew. You will need to pay again before next budget year that begins July 1st.

If I live in the city limits of Chattanooga or Collegedale, do I still need to pay the subscription fee?

No. Property taxes within the city limits of both Chattanooga and Collegedale cover fire protection for your residence or rental. If you are not within those limits, you are NOT covered and will need to pay the annual subscription fee to keep from being charged a service fee in the event of a fire at your residence.

How are businesses and churches covered?

Businesses and churches are billed according to the square footage. Call the business office for the rate, at (423) 894-5231.

Is there a subscription that covers rescue and medical first responder services?

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These services are Emergency Services and are NOT covered by subscriptions. We rely heavily on donations to be able to continue offering top-notch services in our area.  

Options for Subscriptions

Primary Residence

This subscription covers your primary residence from now until 06/30/2018.

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Additional Residence's

Each residence (or rental property) owned by the same homeowner that is not considered their primary residence. This residence will be covered from now until 06/20/2018.

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Each Outbuilding

Each outbuilding (including barns, seperate garage's, shed's, etc) on any property that you own. This building will be covered from now until 06/30/2018.

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