Date *
Check Monthly
Ideally the 1st week of the month
Check battery level on all remote controls?
Operate Portable Flood Lights?
Operate Outriggers?
Operate the Aerial?
Raise/Lower, Extend/Retract, and Rotate Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise.
Operate Ladder Tip Nozzle?
Operate Deck Gun?
Check Bi-Weekly
Check Tire Pressures?
Check Vent Saw?
Check Chain Saw?
Check Weekly
Check Motor Oil Level? *
Check while engine is COLD
Check Radiator Fluid? *
Check while engine is COLD
Check Power Steering Fluid? *
Check while engine is COLD
Check the Automatic Transmission Fluid? *
Check while engine is HOT
Check Tank Water Level? *
Check by looking from above the truck into the tank.
Check Vehicle Fuel Level? *
Should be filled every 30 miles. Only fill if you are approved by your Lt. too.
Drain the air brake reservoirs? *
Pull the loops hanging under the truck for a few seconds each.
Is the 'Dry Chem' full and charged? *
Is the 'Water Can' full and charged? *
Check the lights? *
Headlights, High Beams, Turn Signals, Brake Lights, and Emergency Lights (Some white lights only turn on while in drive)
Operate all Pump Valves? *
Intake, Discharge, Pressure Relief, and Drain valves.
Check that all equipment is on the truck? *