Most of the below positions do not require set hours or schedules (an exception would be scheduled training).  The vast majority of our staff jobs can be done at the convenience of the person doing them.

  • IT Department: We have an IT department that is a one man show with some help from firefighters and outside help as required.   We would like to expand this department so we are capable of handling most needs in house.  The IT department handles the server, our fire reporting software, general software, over 25 computers and all of the issues that can arise.
  • Station supplies: We have recently centralized the purchase and distribution of our supplies for the five stations.   We need personnel to take this new department and run it.
  • Plant: We have one person that currently makes repairs and minor changes to our stations and administration.   We need general handy people that can replace broken things, etc.  
  • Record keeping: We need additional assistance in the area of record keeping.  
  • Communications: We have a dedicated staff of radio technicians that maintain approximately 200 portable and mobile radios along with our fixed facilities.   They can always use another helping hand.   A ham radio operator license is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • SCBA: One of our chiefs maintains our self-contained breathing apparatus (Air packs), spare bottles and associated items.   He needs help providing this function.
  • Training: We have a full time Training/Duty Chief.  With over 100 members this is not a one man job and we utilize our officers and more experienced firefighters as instructors.  We are always open to training provided by other qualified personnel.
  • Grant Writer: We are in need of grant writers. 
  • Hospitality/Rehab: We need people to help our present member that takes care of preparing the meal that we provide the members once a quarter.   We also need people to assist on scene with snacks and water.

*Please email if you are interested in any of the positions.    Please include your name and phone number with a brief summary of your qualifications.  

Do you have a skill that is not listed above?   Please let us know what you can do for the department and the community.